Sorry, It’s Been A While

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since my last post, as I’ve been on vacation with a limited internet connection. In the coming weeks, I promise that I’ll be posting much more often here.

So what do you all want me to write about? This Christian dating advice blog is for YOU. While I do have topics lined up, it’ll be even better if you get the kinds of articles on here that YOU want to read.

Okay, let me tell you about one of my most recent conversations with another Christian friend of mine. He’s been a good friend of mine for many years, and we’ve gone to school together. We were just talking about past relationships he had, and the common trend is that nowadays most people don’t follow Christian ways. They may go to church or say that they read the Bible, but the truth is they’re not real followers.

How do you all feel about this? Have you noticed this as well? Fortunately, for us, there are many opportunities to date true followers of God through online dating and other niche activities :D

How Do You Know If Someone Is “The One”?

So how exactly do you know if you’ve found “the one”? It’s very hard to tell, as every Christian couple has a different situation. Sometimes the other person may not be a Christian and isn’t saved, so obviously such a relationship wouldn’t last in God’s eyes. Your boyfriend or girlfriend needs to be saved in order to get married under the Christian church. Then there are also situations where both the man and woman in a relationship are Christian, yet they happen to have their differences.

You live and your learn. Just because only a few pieces to the puzzle fall into place doesn’t mean that you should settle. There are many eligible Christian men and women out there for you to date, so don’t be hard-pressed because you think “the one” got away.

Everything happens for a reason. God loves you and truly cares for you, so He has many things in store for the love you currently have as well as the love you will encounter very soon.

Remember that “God provides.” Keep praying, going to church, reading the scriptures, and staying true to your Christian beliefs. Always have faith.

When “the one” has entered into your life, you will know right away. The two of you will feel that mutual connection brought upon you by God. Continue to live your life as you are doing so, and eventually, God will show you the light.

Hi! This Is Elizabeth!

Hey, everyone! I’m Elizabeth and welcome to my Christian Dating Advice blog. This is my first try at writing my own blog entries, so I hope you all enjoy. Here I’ll be giving some general advice on online dating and meeting potential spouses in general. In today’s world, it isn’t easy trying to find a good boyfriend or girlfriend, especial one of the Christian faith.

Think of this as your own forum to voice your concerns as well! Feel free to comment on this blog, ask question, or even give suggestions for upcoming blog entries. I’m really looking forward to getting in touch with you all!